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‘PRP has alternative blueprints for addressing challenges facing Nigeria’ – says Falalu Bello



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The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) had declared that it has alternative blueprints for addressing most of the challenges bedevilling Nigeria. The party added that it has the will and capacity to put them into effect if given the mandate to pilot the affairs of the nation.

This was made known by the party’s National Chairman, Mallam Falalu Bello, OFR while addressing newsmen in Abuja today during the party’s maiden media dialogue.

The National Chairman of the party also commended the Zamfara State governor and legislature for abolishing jumbo pensions and other retirement benefits for former governors, their deputies, speakers and deputy speakers.

He averred that giving millions of Naira to former governors and other former public office holders in the name of pension is nothing but thievery hence called for the abolishment of the practice.

The National Chairman also urged other states of the federation to copy Zamfara state by repealing all such pension laws.

“We salute the Government and Legislature of Zamfara State for abolishing thievery in their state in the guise of Pension and Retirement benefit of former Governors, their Deputies, Speakers and their Deputies which has reportedly robbed their citizens of N760 million in a state with only one trained Mathematics teacher and where Secondary Schools do only two terms instead of three terms as in other states for want of funds.”

“We urge all state Legislatures all over the country to copy Zamfara state and abolish all those Pension laws which steal from their populations.” Mallam Falalu stated.

On the issue of insecurity in Nigeria, Mallam Falalu revealed that Northerners and South Southerners as peoples and regions have been made 3rd (third) and 4th (fourth) class citizens.

Mallam Falalu said that, “In the Leadership Newspapers Conference of the year 2008 held on March 4th 2008 at which President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR and Alhaji Abba Kyari amongst the Nigerian elite were present, I had predicted that there was going to be social upheavals, particularly in Northern and the South South regions of Nigeria, because of the economic stagnation of these regions which I ranked 3rd and 4th Nigeria. On the North, if President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR and Alhaji Abba Kyari may kindly recall, I said inter alia that:

“By design or by accident Northerners and South Southerners as peoples and regions have been made 3rd (third) and 4th (fourth) class citizens. We may well choose to ignore these happenings and pretend that they have not happened but doing so will be at the peril of the Nigerian polity. It is indeed in the interest of the South Westerners and the South Easterners for some affirmative actions to be taken to redress the situation else there will be no real peace in this country moving forward. The so called “religious disturbances” in the Northern State and the Port Harcourt conundrum of kids of less than 15 years carrying guns and terrorizing the population will not stop until these imbalances are consciously addressed and redressed. As the saying goes ‘where the poor does not sleep because of hunger, the rich too will not sleep because of unrest.” He stated.

He added that, “15 years since these predictions, the social upheavals predicted have come to pass. Boko Haram is in the North Eastern part of Nigeria where in Borno State, for example, they are reported to be active in 15 of the 23 Local Governments. Kidnapping which started in the South South region of Nigeria has now spread northwards and is manifest in places such as Abuja – Kaduna, Abuja – Lokoja highways and almost all parts of the Nation. Banditry is in almost all the 6 states of the North West where human beings are being killed like rats.”

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PRP Mourns Alhaji Umar Babankwata of Adamawa State




The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has expressed sadness over the demise of one of the Adamawa State’s respected elder statesmen and PRP strong pillars, Alhaji Umar Babankwata.

The PRP in a press release signed by its National Chairman, Alhaji Falalu Bello described as shocking, the death of former party’s state chairman whom he said was an ardent nationalist and NEPU stalwart who has led PRP in Adamawa State since its establishment in 1978.

Bello said, “Although he recently retired from his position of State Chairmanship of our great Party, the PRP, his views and advice remained very much sought after by patriotic politicians across the board.

“With his passing, PRP family has lost one of its best and patriotic stakeholders. His sterling leadership qualities, uprightness and sense of diligence will be surely missed by all of us.

“Indeed, Umar Baban Kwata’s death is a painful loss not only to his family and the people of Adamawa state but also to our great party, the PRP and our nation, Nigeria, at large.

“The PRP is particularly pained that Babankwata passed away at a time when his fatherly wisdom and elderly skills were still most needed.

“I therefore, on behalf of the PRP, commiserate with Alhaji Umaru Baban Kwata family, and pray that Allah forgive all his worldly sins, admit him into Jannah of the highest order and grant all his family members the fortitude to bear this painful loss,” he added.

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Professor Jega, Others Task Nigerian Youth on Active Participation in Politics




Discussing the Nigerian Youth and the of building a just, united and materially advanced nation. The conference which was conducted via ZOOM (a virtual meeting application) on Saturday, 18th of July 2020, was marked by the participation of prominent Nigerians from within and outside Nigeria.

Professor Attahiru Jega who was the first speaker of the occasion discussed the roles of INEC in stabilizing democracy in Nigeria through Free, Fair and Credible Elections. He introduced by emphasizing the needs for youth to be actively engaged in all electoral processes which will improve remarkably well the credence in elections and a consequence of qualitatively better elected executives and representatives, which is an absolute requirement for nurturing good democratic governance and socioeconomic development in Nigeria, he went on to enlightened the public on elections in a liberal democracy, roles of election management bodies and the roles of INEC.

Furthermore, he pointed out some outstanding reforms and improvements needed to be addressed before 2023 in order to improve our electoral processes, and some of the recommendations proffered are;

a. The legal framework needs to be remarkably improved upon. The Electoral Act 2010 As Amended could be said to be better than previous electoral legislations, but it also needs further improvements. This must be done in good time before the 2023 general elections.

b. INEC needs to continuously refine and improve its deployment of technology in the electoral process. At the same time, it has to continuously train and retrain its staff towards requisite professionalism in the management and operational conduct of elections, learning from global best practices.

c. The independence of INEC and, especially, SIECS, administratively and financially need to be strengthened and protected from executive interference and/ or subversion.

d. The fight against corruption and use of money to subvert peoples will and electoral choices need to be made even more vigorously.

e. Political parties need to be repositioned and internally democratized to ensure that good quality candidates emerge democratically for elections. The corrupt roles of the party bureaucrats, “godfathers”, “moneybags”, and Governors, etc., need to be curtailed, with legislation and appropriate sanctions.

Significantly, all stakeholders have to be engaged in the appropriate nurturing of a democratic political culture generally, and electoral integrity specifically. All stakeholders need to recognize that the business of nurturing democracy, good governance and electoral integrity is a collective responsibility. All hands must be joined together on deck, to bring this about.

He reminded the youth of the special role they need to play towards improving the integrity and credibility of our electoral processes and in nurturing and consolidating our democracy towards good governance and sustainable development.

The professor concluded by emphasizing that Youth should be active, constructive and pro actively involve in our electoral and political processes should be a must and that all must dedicate energies in finding ways and means of bringing this to reality as soon as possible.

In his words ‘’As I often say, more and more nowadays, we must stop agonizing and focus on organizing”.
The second speaker Dauda Umaru Adamu, PhD candidate, Rice University, USA, spoke on The Economic Empowerment of Youth Geared Towards Poverty alleviation in Nation Building and adopted a multiple sectoral approach to the topic starting from history to the present.

He stated that Nigeria’s major imports are Refined Petroleum, wheat, and packaged medicants, which are in billions of dollars. Nigeria Still import wheat when out of the 84million hectares of land for farming only 32million hectares is been cultivated at the moment.

He added that young Nigerians are being drown in the Mediterranean in their bid to escape the economic hardship of the country. Lack of jobs, corruption, bad economic policies, lack of care and protection of our local industries are responsible.

He advised that Nigeria should learn from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, who after the discovery of oil, used the proceeds to developed other sectors of their economy. Their corruption rate is low unlike Nigeria, the 146th least corrupt country in the world.

Intellectual property is one of the cardinal assets for economic growth. He lay emphasis that failure to develop our educational system tons us of this.
He further asked if our representatives at the world Trade Organization are truly putting forward the interest of our local industries? Do they interact with the small businesses which depend on foreign market to understand their plight?

The Speaker concluded his presentation with the following recommendations:
– There is need to develop our intellectual property to fast track economic growth.

– Revitalization of local industries, boosting our Agricultural and Manufacturing sectors.

– Development and promotion of indigenous businesses and industries. While the third Speaker made us to understand that it is high time youth take the front line in fight to changing the narratives of corruption and maladministration which has kept us in a state of poverty and backwardness.

Engr. Mustafa Bello who was the third speaker presented on the topic ‘’The role of youth in Nation building through mass mobilization’’ started by challenging the youth to take the front line in fight to changing the narratives of corruption and maladministration which has kept us in a state of poverty and backwardness. His presentation was centered on the role of youth and the adverse effects of their refusal to participate in politics.

He advised the youth to take a stand and decide who should and should not be on the saddle of power by pushing forward and supporting credible candidates, that way the narrative of the nation will change in good time, He concluded.

The National Chairman of Peoples Redemption Party, Alhaji Falalu Bello in his closing remark appreciated all participants of the conference especially the Guest Speakers and further acknowledging the efforts of the youth leaders for putting up such an amazing program.

He encouraged the youth to do more promising that the National body will fully support subsequent programme alike.

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PRP VS FG: Court Fixes Date For Hearing




The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has fixed a date for the hearing of suit filed by the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) against the Federal Government and Kaduna State Government over the lockdown that had been imposed on Nigerians for some months ago by the governments.

The court has, in its ruling by Justice Taiwo Taiwo on Monday, fixed 14th October, 2020 for hearing of the matter.

The court has also ordered service of both the originating summons and hearing notice to be served on the Attorney General of the Federation and the Attorney General of Kaduna State.

It could be recalled that the plaintiffs which include the party’s National Chairman in person of Alhaji Falalu Bello, OFR and the National Secretary of the party, Babatunde Alli had, on behalf of the party, sued the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Kaduna State Government over their failure to provide sustainance to citizens locked down during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In an originating summons filed on behalf of the Plaintiffs by Barr. Saleh Jibril, the plaintiffs were praying for court’s declaration that persons locked down under the pandemic are entitled to provision of sustenance by the government. The plaintiffs were also praying the court for an order to compel the defendants to provide the necessary sustenance to persons locked down.

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